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About Us

PT. Bahana Gourmet Indonesia works in partnership with the best suppliers from around the world to offer our customers and friends a broad range of products to meet everyone’s needs and always provides you with new and exciting product lines. We have two logistic and operational bases: Jakarta & Bali. Our Bali office started its operation in March 2008, followed by a sister office in Jakarta in March 2009.

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Our business is based on product categories as well as brands that is requested by our customers. We are always happy to serve and customize your orders.We select brands and products based upon a range of criteria with quality and reliability at the heart of all of our decisions. If you have a brand and want to know more on how we can work together to develop it within our countries please contact us.
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PT. Bahana Gourmet Indonesia is a reputable company, providing its customers with continuous superior service, value and a true one-stop shopping venue for high quality gourmet products. We constantly search for new, quality products, in order to provide greater range of premium gourmet products as well as cost effectiveness to our customers.


PT. Bahana Gourmet Indonesia also specialises in the fine food sector importing wide range of cheeses, mainly from Europe; wide range of Italian Antipasto products; frozen mushrooms; cereal and many other dry products.

Our products category expands rapidly ranging from dairy, vegetables to delicatessen and meats & seafoods.


Customers can request specific types of products to be imported

We offer premium products which guarantee a certain standard & quality

Perishable items are usually imported on weekly basis by airfreight to guarantee the customer the freshest products


Goods are delivered on same day basis, products to be imported on demand have a lead time between 2 to 3 weeks from ordering to delivery

All services have the same level of importance, to be a reliable operator and gain the trust of our customers.


Jalan Taman Giri No. 09,
Br. Mumbul, Nusa Dua, Bali.

+62 361 847 8360
+62 361 847 8382

Hunting Line
+62 361 472 903 640

Jalan Manis Raya No. 2D RT/RW 003/001,Desa Kadu,Kec. Curug, Kab. Tangerang.

+62 21 29229800

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