MAURI Cheese In Mauri company  tradition, experience and innovation combine to create more than 50 fresh and aged cheeses, made of cow and goat milk (Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Quartirolo, Caprino).



Rustichella pasta is made with selected durum wheat grown in the Abruzzo region and spring water from the Apennine mountains. The wheat is stone ground and mixed to form a dough which is extruded through bronze dies.


In 1939 the corporate name changed to SACLÀ which stands for the “Società Anonima Commercio e Lavorazione Alimentari”. The Company expanded and prospered under the guidance of its founder, Signor Secondo Ercole. From early beginnings packing vegetables into cans, Saclà extended its range of products and soon flourished as one of Italy’s most progressive food companies.


Today Saclà offers a range of products such as pesto and pasta sauces, antipasti in oil, pickled vegetables and a wide range of olives which are in demand, not only in its domestic market, but the world over.



The products are made in Italy using the finest, freshly picked vegetables and traditional recipes, and there is an uncompromising regard for quality. In seventy five years Saclà has earned a reputation for being at the forefront of authentic Italian fine food. Through a comprehensive program of product and technological development the Company is committed to expanding this further, and with it the renaissance of Italian cuisine.



The nobility, even that of the soul, is a genetic heritage and is certainly cannot be bought in the market. This valuable rule also applies to our vinegar. Born from great wines, that only Piedmont can offer, Varvello vinegar has cultivated and refined its nobility since 1921, thanks to the passion, commitment and dedication of a company that has always known how to be renewed over time.



In this way, while our products age with the traditional methods, the company always finds a way to remain youthful by investing in new technologies.



SYLVA Between Lozère and Haute-Loire, Gévaudan’s highland mushrooms are located more than thousand meters high. At the heart of this country of forests and moors, carpeted by wild grass, flowers, brooms, pines and heather, the mushroom is naturally at home. Welcome at all tables, it is one of the major elements of fine living cultivated from generation to generations it is in the cradle of these forest savours that BORDE is rooted, founded there almost one century ago. Having become the oldest and the most important specialist company in wild mushrooms, it demonstrates its knowledge of the product today by selecting the best mushrooms and by conditioning them according to the most demanding quality standards. Because of this excellence Borde deserves to be recognized across the world for its exceptional competence, in dehydrated, apperitized or frozen mushrooms.


Nortindal Sea Products is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of cuttlefish ink. Their offer includes a range of ready to eat sauces, like paella stock and cuttlefish ink sauce.


Grana Padano cheese by Latteria Soresina: The Latteria Soresina has a centuries-old history, where tradition unites with the most modern technologies.

An Italian story that has handed down the love for cows and their milk from generation to generation.


Love for the craft and a real family business, that’s Kesbeke.

Kesbeke is still the only real Amsterdam Pickles. Managed by Oos, third generation Kesbeke since 1999. His grandfather, Charles Kesbeke is the founder of the company which started in 1948 in a cellar in the heart of Amsterdam, on the Waterlooplein. Now, one of the biggest & best brand pickles can be found worldwide.

La Pleiadi Olive Oil

For more than two centuries, our values have always been founded on our care for the environment, ethics, quality and safety. Values that are reflected in every single product. To fulfil them, we constantly strive our very hardest, with passion, with continuous research that improves every phase of the production process, to achieve even higher certified quality. We entrust the creation of our oils to our blendmasters, skilled professionals capable of interpreting and combining different oils to formulate a new, unique, excellent product. All this in absolute transparency, to guarantee our customers a whole range of products totally traceable by means of a code provided on every bottle, giving access to information on the origin of all the raw materials used in our oil.


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